nadine Freniere


Self Portrait, Nadine Freniere

Nadine is a Multimedia Artist and Designer with a background in Fine Arts. From creating original logos to photographing products to illustrating for product design to helping brands define themselves, her creative direction has been a cornerstone and the thinking behind a diverse array of projects. She began to learn painting and drawing from her Grandfather at the Age of 7 and in high school studied, photography, ceramics, photography, drawing and collage. She attended Pratt Institute where she received a BFA in Communications Design and cultivated her skills in illustration, advertising, graphic design, typography, color theory, typeface design, web design and studio photography. After graduating in 2009, Nadine began freelancing mainly in Graphic Design and expanded into Photography and all that she offers today. She has also experimented with a variety of mediums including acrylic painting, creative writing and performance art and continues to expand her experience in the fields of entertainment and healing.